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10.5. Exercises

Here are some brain crackers:

  1. Write a script that does the following:

    • Display the name of the script being executed.

    • Display the first, third and tenth argument given to the script.

    • Display the total number of arguments passed to the script.

    • If there were more than three positional parameters, use shift to move all the values 3 places to the left.

    • Print all the values of the remaining arguments.

    • Print the number of arguments.

    Test with zero, one, three and over ten arguments.

  2. Write a script that implements a simple web browser (in text mode), using wget and links -dump to display HTML pages to the user. The user has 3 choices: enter a URL, enter b for back and q to quit. The last 10 URLs entered by the user are stored in an array, from which the user can restore the URL by using the back functionality.