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4. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 1.82006-03-15Revised by: MG
clarified example in Chap4, corrected here doc in chap9, general checks and correction of typos, added link to Chinese and Ukrainian translation, note and stuff to know about awk in chap6.
Revision 1.72005-09-05Revised by: MG
Corrected typos in chapter 3, 6 and 7, incorporated user remarks, added a note in chap7.
Revision 1.62005-03-01Revised by: MG
Minor debugging, added more keywords, info about new Bash 3.0, took out blank image.
Revision 1.52004-12-06Revised by: MG
Changes because of new domain, minor corrections.
Revision 1.42004-10-18Revised by: MG
Debugging, added a couple of notes in chap9, replaced screenshots with screen sections. Corrected some typos.
Revision 1.32004-07-09Revised by: MG
Added tracer image 1x1 pixel http://tille.xalasys.com/images/blank-bash.png, added textobjects for all pictures, fixed wrong links in index, made signal list more clear.
Revision 1.22004-06-15Revised by: MG
Added index, more markup in screen sections.
Revision 1.12004-05-22Revised by: MG
Last read-through before going to press, added more examples, checked summaries, exercises, cleaned up introduction.
Revision 1.02004-04-27Revised by: TM
Initial release for LDP; more exercises, more markup, less errors and abuse; added glossary.
Revision 1.0-beta2003-04-20Revised by: MG